Message from the Prairie National Bank President

In order to more clearly reflect the heritage of the people and communities we serve along with a commitment to providing superior local banking services, Prairie Financial Bancorp is pleased to announce our bank locations known as The Stewardson National Bank and The Effingham National Bank have changed their names to Prairie National Bank effective June 1, 2005.

A great deal of thought has been put into the new Prairie National Bank identity.  We were founded as The Stewardson National Bank in 1928.  We opened The Effingham National Bank location in 2001.  With 77 years of service, this was an important decision for the Board of Directors and management to make.  We are excited about how our new name reflects our geographic location and the deep roots we have in the community.

Prairie National Bank, with locations in Stewardson and Effingham, is a community bank that is owned, managed and operated by members of the local community.

Community membership is what keeps us striving to support local farmers, businesses and the personal needs of our community.  We are dedicated to serving the people of both Shelby and Effingham counties and the surrounding area by offering the best service that our experienced staff of directors, officers and employees can provide.  As our technology and products continue to grow, we will strive to even better serve our customers.

While the name has changed, there are several important issues that have not changed.

  • The same local ownership is still in place.  The bank has not been sold!
  • No staff changes are planned.  You will see the same friendly faces.
  • All accounts and services remain the same.
  • You do not have to order new checks.
  • You may continue to transact your business at either Prairie National Bank locations.
  • Prairie National Bank is an Equal Opportunity Lender and Member FDIC.  The record of bank safety continues.

Prairie National Bank is a full service community bank.  Lending services include farm loans, business loans, consumer loans and home mortgage loans.  Checking services include free checking, NOW and Money Market accounts, business checking and the Shazam check card.  We also offer certificates of deposit, savings accounts and individual retirement accounts (IRA).  You can enjoy the convenience of drive-up banking, phone banking at 1-888-PNB-3236 or (217) 682-5400 and online banking along with a number of other services.

Prairie National Bank has grown because of our strong commitment to the needs of our customers and our community.  It is our desire to exceed the expectations of the people like you that we serve every day.

Thank you for being part of our bank family.

John N. Richards
President & Chairman of the Board

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